Ropata Medical Centre - 577 High Street, Lower Hutt

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Becoming a New Patient at Ropata Medical Centre


Ropata Medical Centre (RMC) was first established in 1977, and was co-located with Kopata Medical Centre in central Lower Hutt. From 1989, RMC was settled in its present purpose-built premises.

In May 2009, the Practice purchased the domestic property immediately adjacent to the main premises in the High Street, Lower Hutt, and provides an additional 5 GP consulting rooms.

The practice has an enrolled patient population of approximately 19,500.

RMC is a very busy practice offering a wide range of services and is open Monday to Friday 7am to 10pm; there is a nurse clinic on a Saturday morning, as well as a GP acute clinic on a Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6pm.

The practice has a long history of stability (three of the founding partners are still working in the practice) and innovation:

  • An early adopter of computerisation from 1981 and has had fully computerised medical records for 20 years
  • Has run independent nurse led clinics since 1979
  • Have participated in the Family Medicine Training Programme since its inception

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