Ropata Medical Centre - 577 High Street, Lower Hutt

Opening Hours : Mon - Fri (7am - 10pm) Sat (8am - 6pm) Sun (9am - 6pm)
  Contact : (04) 920 0800

Ropata Medical Centre is a comprehensive General Practice with a large team of experienced Doctors and Nurses. We offer an extensive range of primary healthcare services ranging from general check-ups to minor surgery.

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What patients are saying about Ropata Medical Centre

  • blood-pressure-check

    The nurse I saw that day and she was a very warm and friendly lady from the moment I met her. I have had many smears over the years but this is the first time someone took the time to explain everything that was happening. I can imagine how the Nurse would put women at ease if it was their first time getting a smear. It does feel a bit odd emailing you to say I had a 'good smear test' but I thought you should know what a wonderful job your Nurse is doing.

  • author-11

    We met last Friday morning, the beginning of a new doctor/patient relationship. You listened to my explanation of why I thought the beta-blocker, metoprolol, I was on was having undesirable side effects. You prescribed Verapamil instead, so that evening I took that instead of the metoprolol, and have done since. By Sunday I had more energy, felt warmer, and felt more alive than I have done for some time. I walk energetically, haven't needed the afternoon nana-nap which had become a regular part of my routine. Today I walked for about three hours, up hill and down, and felt energetic the whole time, which I haven't done for most of 2014. Psychosomatic, placebo effect, wishful thinking, whatever else a skeptic like me might attribute the difference to, I feel hugely better than I have for months. So thank you for listening, thanks for changing the medication. I'm sincerely grateful. I suspect everyone else around me may be too, once they catch up with how much more positive I am.